What is kendama?

kendama mugen gold

What is Kendama?

Kendama (けん玉or剣玉or拳玉) is a traditional Japanese toy, played with by people of all ages. It seems to be easy to play with, but it can be quite difficult: more than a thousand different techniques exist.
Everybody can play with this toy, either male or female, young or old. It is said that kendama improves concentration and toughness.

Kendama is no longer just a traditional Japanese toy; it has become a competitive sport, with competition throughout Japan and is slowly becoming popular in Europe too.

Kendama structure

1. Tama / ball /
2. Ken-Saki / spike /
3. Ko-Zara / small cup /
4. H-Zara / large cup /
5. Ito / string /
6. Ken / kendama body /
7. Suber-Dome / anti-slip edge /
8. Mark of Japanese Kendama Association
9. Chu-Zara / middle cup /