You will have a certificate for your skills.

We are allowed by British Kendama Association to perform British Kendama Skill Level Examinations.

Kendama players who wish to obtain an official grading must first pass a BKA examination. The skills required to pass the examination are listed on the tricks page. Successful entrants will be given an official certificate, and, if they are BKA forum members, listed in the register of players bellow. Entrants must pay the examination fee for the level that they wish to be tested up to:

Kyu: €2,5
Pre-Dan: €9
Dan: €19

This fee is to cover the examiner's time, and also helps to keep the BKA running and promoting kendama events. Unsuccessful entrants will be given a refund down to the level they achieve. e.g. Someone paying a Dan examination fee who only achieves Pre-Dan will receive a refund of €2,5 (A minimum admin fee of €2,5 always applies.). These examinations may only be conducted in person, and under the invigilation of a BKA-certified examiner.

Our BKA-certified examiner is Miroslav Šiřina who is certified by British Kendama Association to certified players until the 4th Dan degree.

Register graded players.*

NameCountryType of degreeAchieved levelAwarded byDateLast test dateMoshi-kameSpeed trick BNotes
Tomáš OcásekCZDAN2BKA2014-08-132014-08-13398
Aleš HrdličkaCZDAN1JKA2013-07-302013-07-30200
Filip ZahradníckýCZDAN1JKA2013-07-302013-07-30200
Jakub ŠvarcCZPRE DAN0BKA2016-04-152016-04-15301Ultimate Juggling Squad
Daniel KonečnýCZKYU1BKA2014-01-182014-01-1897
Filip VladíkCZKYU1BKA2016-04-152016-04-15Ultimate Juggling Squad
Nikolas HájekCZKYU2BKA2016-04-152016-04-15Ultimate Juggling Squad
Tomáš DoleželCZKYU2BKA2013-11-022013-11-0254
Jakub KokojanCZKYU4BKA2016-04-152016-04-15Ultimate Juggling Squad
Lubomír MedoCZKYU4BKA2016-04-152016-04-15Ultimate Juggling Squad
Lukáš RozprymCZKYU5BKA2016-04-152016-04-15Ultimate Juggling Squad
Tomáš PivodaCZKYU5BKA2016-04-152016-04-15Ultimate Juggling Squad
Jan MedoCZKYU6BKA2016-04-152016-04-15Ultimate Juggling Squad
Alex KřížCZ KYU8BKA2016-04-152016-04-15Ultimate Juggling Squad

*This register is for BKA forum members only.

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