Cheese Kendama

Cheese Kendama is matt orange Kendama with 4 additional holes. Cheese Kendama is younger sister of SunRise Kendama, it is made of same wood in same factory. Color of the string is white and bead is black. We made only 100pcs of this Kendama and we will never repeat it. Drilling of the additional holes upright to the growth rings was challenging as you can see in the pictures some of additional holes are not perfect. If you are interested in something unique then Cheese Kendama is made for you. Made in Czech Republic. Cheese Kendama microsite

Cheese KendamaCheese KendamaCheese KendamaCheese KendamaCheese KendamaCheese Kendama

Cheese Kendama

Cheesin’ it – review of the Cheese kendama

Now, some people might be thinking: “Oh no, not another novelty kendama”. Well, yes and no. Just like the Yumu, the Cheese is not going to replace your Ozora (or Shin Fuji or SunRise – whatever’s your poison). But wait…

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