Enjyu kendama - natural

Yamagata Koubou use a birch wood for the ken and cherry for the ball, Enjyu kendamas on the other hand are made from a different type of wood. It is the Japanese Enjyu wood, which comes from Pagoda tree. Enjyu wood is commonly used in Japan for production of handmade trays, saucers and other things. Used trees are 15-20 years old, which means lower dampness and higher durability of the wood. Enjyu is the darkest and most expensive wood ever used for manufacturing kendamas by Yamagata Koubou, resulting in unique and beautiful wood structure. Also, it is more resistive to wearing off and the pike gets into the hole easily. Enjyu kendamas weight is about 135 g and are 17 cm high. Unlike the photo kendama has JKA approved seal.

Enjyu kendamaEnjyu kendamaEnjyu kendamaEnjyu kendamaEnjyu kendamaEnjyu and Keyaki

Enjyu kendama

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