SunRise kendama

The SunRise kendama was born in December 2009 as a solution to the desperate lack of colour choices and finishes offered by the JKA models. Players have given feedback on the first model and the second model is what you can actualy buy. The current kendama design is a classic and we do not wish to alter the traditional game. The SunRise kendama comes in seasoned Beech and high gloss colours, single colours: red, yellow, green, mid blue, orange, white, gold, silver and UV colours. The SunRise model is intended as an affordable and available kendama for competition and freestyle play. SunRise kendama is signed by European Kendama Asociation, that means it can be used in EKA and Czech kendama contests. SunRise is the first kendama to be made in Europe and meets the tough USA toy requirements. Kendama weight is 150g.

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