Colin Sander PRO model - tri-color

We're proud to introduce the newest installment of the Kendama USA Pro Models. These Kendamas have been customized to cater to each Pro's unique style and personality. The Colin Sander Pro Model features: Beech wood construction, Kaizen handle shape with traditional style assembly, tri-color tama design for visual tracking, coated with our refined silk paint, custom artwork burned into the handle, cups, and cup rims, pre-strung with premium Ozora string, widened tama bevel for more consistant spikes Each Pro Model includes replacement string and bead, instructional guide, and stickers. Special product notes from Colin: I specially designed this model with visual tracking in mind.The tri-colored tama mirrors my eye colors. Green means go for the spike, and red means no. The engravings are strategically placed as visual cues for spotting during advanced tricks. The big cup engraving is a 19th century Japanese drawing of the cellular structure of the TCM plant "Euphorbia Pekinensis". I chose this detoxifying herb to represent the purifying effects of moshikame. The rock stack symbolizes balance, patience, and mental agility.

Kendama USA Colin Sander PRO modelKendama USA Colin Sander PRO modelKendama USA Colin Sander PRO modelKendama USA Colin Sander PRO model

Kendama USA Colin Sander PRO model

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