KROM kendama PRO model - BONZ ATRON

Six players, six models, six dawgs. The moment we have all been waiting for is hear. Presenting the 2017 KROM Pro models - 100% Slaydawg power fused with the worlds best kendama players. We know what's good.. Thorkild - 2014 World freestyle champ, Danish powerhouse, KROM owner Philip - 2013, 2014 EU Freestyle champ, daddy long legs, KROM owner Matthew - WKT co-founder, 2013 WKO Expert class champ, 7-Spike superman Iji - Japanese Freestyle sensation, Zoomadanke founder Bonz - 2014 KWC Champ, 2015 World freestyle champ, 2016 MKO Freestyle Fischer - 2015 MKO Freestyle champ, 2016 World freestyle champ About the pro mods. The models are all made on Slaydawg kendamas in either premium ash or maple - each player picked his favourite wood and decided on the details for the 'dama. Support your favourite players! This is your chance to put some $'s in the pocket of your favourite kendama players. From each Pro model sold the player will receive a handsome royalty for the amazing work they have done. Finally each kendama is packed in a dope KROM string bag with a carabiner. Each bag will carry your players signature and pack some special stickers, extra sticker and bead. Specifications: Paint: 2016 KROM LOL Clear - so sticky it makes you LOL. Wood type: Full ash (Iji, Bonz, Thorkild) or full Nihon (Philip, Matthew, Jake). Size: SLAYDAWG, Competition+

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KROM kendama PRO model Bonz Atron

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