KROM SLAYDAWG kendama - Nihon Maple

The Slaydawg series is the result of bringing together the worlds best kendama players around the idea of building the best playing kendama ever. Testing, slaying, jamming endlessly in order to reach perfection is both hard work and a lot of fun. We are so proud to share this with the world. The kendama in important bullet points: New shape - slightly larger & competition approved, new Laser engravings for maximum grip, new KROM LOL Clear paint (so sticky it make you LOL), new KROM Bearing - the bead just got upgraded, draw-string bag for safe storage, bigger hole - for endless spikes, extra string, stringing tool and sticker, durable maple wood, the best kendama ever. Size: Regular+ (slightly bigger). - KROM kendama

KROM kendama SLAYDAWG Nihon mapleKROM kendama SLAYDAWG Nihon mapleKROM kendama SLAYDAWG Nihon mapleKROM kendama SLAYDAWG Nihon mapleKROM kendama SLAYDAWG Nihon maple

KROM kendama SLAYDAWG Nihon maple

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March 1, 2018 | F.B.   Owner
This is the best Kendama i have! Really sticky paint! Heavier than beech Wood, i like that a lot. For me it seems easier if its heavier. Great for looners! All in all Great! In my opinion this is an amazing kendama for beginners because it‘s easier to learn and do Tricks. It‘s worth every cent. That‘s it.

  size and paint

January 4, 2017 | Eric
overall a solid maple jammer, my tama is lighter than the ken. but it doesnt really affect the playabilty. bigger sized than normal kendamas so you can shred the sh*t out of it. the paint breaks in pretty fast (you can see every dent) but its sticky like hell even beaten to death. spike is a little too short for me.
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