Mugen Musou kendama - KEYAKI

We have only used good quality inner part of keyaki which had been naturally dried for 8 years. 
The inner darker part have the strength to supports the wood trunk and branch, so the cells which have resistance to pigment and rottenness concentrate into heartwood to make the darker color than the outside.
Kazuma from Iwata Mokko said he doesn’t know when the next time he can get this much high quality Keyaki.
Ken and Tama had treated with special process done by Iwata Mokko adds the right amount of tackiness. This time there is no musou tip, and no base cup hole, so we managed to keep the best balance by making the Ken 2mm shorter.
This isn’t just a Kendama, This is also the perfect wood product with the best Keyaki and unbelievable work put together by Iwata Mokko. 
We are really proud to announce Mugen Musou Keyaki. 
Please take in your hand to see what happens when best keyaki meets the best woodcraftsman. We are really sure you will love it!! Each Mugen Musou comes with an extra tip and string. Musou kendama is made in Japan. This kendama will be available for pre-order only. Until 25th May

Mugen Musou keyki kendama Mugen Musou keyki kendama Mugen Musou keyki kendama Mugen Musou keyki kendama

Mugen Musou keyki kendama

King is coming. Canceled, king stays home.

Winter's gone long time. King is coming now.

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