Mugen Musou kendama - meteor red

Meteor Red has painted with many different color of metallic pearls including red and gold to adjust the beautiful color. If you take a look at under sunlight, the color expands with all the sparkle glitter that reminds the universe. Depending on the distance from the light source changes the apparent of color that can not be expressed in the picture. So much aesthetics and work are put together into Meteor Red by Iwata Mokko. Please take in your hand to see the beauty of this kendama. We are really sure you will love it. Each Mugen Musou comes with an extra tip and string. Musou kendama is made in Japan. This kendama will be available for pre-order only. Until 25th May

Mugen Musou Meteor red kendamaMugen Musou Meteor red kendama

Mugen Musou Meteor red kendama

King is coming. Canceled, king stays home.

Winter's gone long time. King is coming now.

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