Ozora kendama - red

Ozora is new kendama brand manufactured by Yamagata Kobo studio. Ozora kendamas are as good for begginers as for advanced kendama players. They are sold with spare string. Japaneese kendama asosiacion label is yellow.

Ozora Kendama red 2011 modelOzora Kendama red 2011 modelOzora Kendama red 2011 modelOzora Kendama red 2011 modelOzora Kendama red 2011 model

Ozora Kendama red 2011 model

Birthday week

We are celebrating our seventh birthday


Along with the new design we have new prices. We hope you will like it. We've made 34 products cheaper.

Sakura Ozora – Pretty in pink

Having recently watched Kill Bill again, my first thought upon seeing this particular kendama was “If O-Ren Ishii was into kendama, this would be hers,” for it is lethally pretty. I did have second and third thoughts, though.

The Dragon Ozora – king of kings?

My first sight of the Dragon Ozora reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid.

The click-liker’s guide to the Galaxy

From the makers of the Ozora comes yet another variation: the Galaxy. So how does it compare? Let’s take a look.

Maybe it’s just me, but…

Connoisseurs might be thinking “Why review this? It’s just an Ozora.” In the normal course of things, I would agree: what a waste of time. But is it just me, or is the metallic blue different from the others?

Shin-Fuji review

So I tested entire day this new Shin-fuji and I have to say that it enchanted me.

Comparision of kendamas

From the very beggining, when we started selling kendamas in Czech Republic, people kept asking me questions like

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