Shin-fuji kendama - black

Shin-Fuji is litle bit lighter than the Ozora is. Weight of kendama is 133g. Shin-Fuji kendamas are as good for begginers as for advanced kendama players. They have different colour tints: blue, red, black and natural. They are sold with spare string. Japaneese kendama asosiacion label is black.

Black Shin-fuji kendamaBlack Shin-fuji kendamaBlack Shin-fuji kendamaBlack Shin-fuji kendama

Black Shin-fuji kendama

Rokurosen – Neither here nor there

Boy, this is a tough one to write about. It’s like we’re in kendama limbo here.

Kendama celebrates birthday

1.9.2008 was sold first kendama ever in our unique shop.

Shin-Fuji review

So I tested entire day this new Shin-fuji and I have to say that it enchanted me.

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