PRO SPLIT TRACKING - The Prime Pro Model features a custom fade-to-split Tama design that makes tracking the hole easier than ever. PRIME CLEAR GRIP - Our high-gloss Prime Sticky Clear provides competition ready tack in all conditions. HARDWOOD DURABILITY - Our latest and greatest Prime Ken made of high quality hard wood Maple provides outstanding balance, increased durability, and crispy clicks and clacks. BY DESIGN PLAYABILITY - The Prime Kens larger cups and heavier perimeter allow for exceptional lunar balance and increased gunslinger and ken-flip whip. FIVE STRIPES - Each Pro Ken is branded with five stripes on the spike to signify the unity of the five Sweets pros. A percentage of profits from each Sweets Pro Model go directly to its pro player.

Max Norcross PRO PrimeMax Norcross PRO PrimeMax Norcross PRO Prime

Max Norcross PRO Prime

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  Really good!

January 11, 2018 | Szélinger Barnabás
Really good , I love it! The shipment is fast and cheap.


January 11, 2018 | Szelinger Barnabas
Really good! For begginers , and pros too! Fast and cheap!
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