SWEETS SUMO kendama - black x teal

The Sweets Sumo is a legendary kendama, that has never been made available to everyone - until now! Back in the day before everyone started making kendamas with oversized cups, the only way to get something larger was to use a Biggie. The only problem with a Biggie kendama is that it doesn't have great lunar balance. To fix that, we cut off the spike and moved the cups lower. What you are left with is the Sweets Sumo! The Sumo is designed to have amazing lunar balance, fit well in the hand, and have great tracking. This kendama is oversized and is not meant for competition. The Sumo will help you land new tricks, and is a fun break from a standard size kendama.

Sweets SUMO kendama černá a modrozelená

Sweets SUMO kendama černá a modrozelená

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  Looner machine, really sticky

March 1, 2018 | F.B.   Owner
It‘s a lot of fun to Play it. Big but Not too Big. Quiet Heavy, good workout for your Hand and arm. I started to Play kendama one month ago and i learned looners one this one. After i was able to do looners on my slaydawg. I recomand the Sumo to beginners aswell. It really helped and helps me to Progress. I bought 7 kendamas at once when i started, so i can figure out for myself what the differences are. If you are a beginner do Not get a natty! Hope this helps some of you.
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