Trojka KYU kendama - natural

We treat great our advanced player but it's time to treat great our beginners as well. That is why we are introducing new Trojka KYU kendama. KYU kendama is the best beginners kendama you can get and it's in some points even better than more advanced kendamas. Our goal was to offer you great kendama that would not ruin your wallet and I think we've succeed. This kendama was made of beech wood in China. Minimalistic packaging only in polyethylen bag.

Trojka KYU kendamaTrojka KYU kendamaTrojka KYU kendamaTrojka KYU kendama

Trojka KYU kendama

Guru - 2. 2. 2016

Best performance / price ratio.

Trojka Kyu – Beginners only?

Now, here’s an interesting thing. The Kyu was created to be anyone’s gateway into the world of kendama; a means of getting a player started. Indeed, I have seen it work.

KYU kendama aprroved

Trojka KYU kendama was approved by British kendama asociation.

Plase rate:

  Great Balance, easy for stalls and lunars

June 19, 2017 | Hans
Great kendama, little bit on the heavy side, 83 tamma and 81 ken. Bought it at last years EKO, slayed it for days and days. Great Kendama! Going tot try the maple one next
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