Trojka Oak kendama - green, righty

Trojka Oak kendama is other. We made something that is unimaginable. We have completely redesigned the cups. Our cups aren’t the classic u-cut shape but v-cut shaped. Shredora ball looks pretty, and sticks just right, the more you play it the more sticky it is. The whole kendama body is completely re-sanded and smoothed. We have carefully assembled each ken with the right tama, maximal difference between weight of ken and tama is 5 g. Trojka Oak is designed for those who already played some kendamas and are not afraid to experiment. Kendama is stringed for right handed player.

Trojak oak kendama rightyTrojak oak kendama rightyTrojak oak kendama rightyTrojka oak kendama cup detailTrojka oak kendama tama detailTrojka oak kendama box detail

Trojak oak kendama righty

Vitek - 30. 10. 2014

Troika is complete when SHREDORA breaks in it is absolutely awesome.

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