"YANG kendama was created thanks to the bmx-skate group young-crew. We had fun and shot videos, which then went into joint or solo edits under the name young-crew. I really enjoy creating, so I made T-shirts, stickers, etc. Once I thought of creating something similar, but outside of our crew. YANG is a great result both from the name and from the themes of spirituality, peace, equality, or even freestyle, creativity and skill, as was just the young crew. It is a simple point GOODS FOR GOOD - goods that will fill and please you. Goods that have some added value and you then create with yourself. That's why I also do engraving, hand spraying there and other things. I enjoy it and I enjoy it when people can get quality goods with added value. I have a lot of plans for this project and I'm looking forward to it all being realized. ”- Pavel Tenčík