Yumu kendama - blue

Yumu kendama is unique kendama made in Taiwan. Yumu kendamas are as good for begginers as for advanced kendama players. By a single adding pegs to Yumu holes you can make 4 spikes kendama from classic Yumu kendama. They have different colour tints: red, blue, black and natural. The weight is 170g. They are sold with spare string, bead and one peg. Yumu kendama is certified by Kendama association of R.O.C.

Blue Yumu KendamaBlue Yumu KendamaBlue Yumu KendamaBlue Yumu KendamaBlue Yumu Kendama

Blue Yumu Kendama

Review of the Yumu kendama

Initially, the Yumu appears to be a strange concept. Stripped down, it looks and feels very much like a regular kendama: three cups and a spike. But with a hole in each cup, you are given the ability to add one, two or three extra spikes.

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