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8. 11. 2016

We are starting new product reviews.

discount 2016 review

Morken 2016 results

27. 9. 2016

Aka Polish and Austrian invasion

MORKEN 2016 event

Web update

20. 9. 2016

SSL and language mutations

update 2016

Catch & Flow 2016

15. 9. 2016

Freestyle kendama championship

catch and flow 2016 freestyle KROM

Summer battle for Prague results

23. 8. 2016

Kamil Panek came, saw and conquered Prague

summer Prague 2016 event

European kendama open 2016 photos

8. 8. 2016

Photo galery from European kendama open 2016

eko 2016 ejc photos

TJ Kolesnik PRO model and Kaizens pre-order

27. 7. 2016

KendamaUSA PRO models and Kaizen kendamas in pre-order

2016 preorder kaizen pro-model-tj

Trojka Kyu – Beginners only?

26. 7. 2016

Now, here’s an interesting thing. The Kyu was created to be anyone’s gateway into the world of kendama; a means of getting a player started. Indeed, I have seen it work.

kyu trojka-kyu 2016 trojka review trojka-fire


12. 7. 2016

Kendama.cz and Czech juggling asociation invites you to MORKEN 2016. With a big help from Gloken.

MORKEN contest 2016

Albert Mimra welcome in our team

30. 6. 2016

It was about the time to invite fresh blood in our team.

Albert 2016 team

Czech kendama open 2016 results

29. 6. 2016

Once again the biggest Czech kendama open in history

contest Czech Kendama Open 2016

New striped ZENs in pre-order

15. 6. 2016

Early birds will get it 5 EUR cheaper.

preorder 2016 kendamaco kenco zen zen-2016

RWB pre-orders

25. 4. 2016

We are giving you chance to buy kendama from Grain Theory kendama producer.

rwb 2016 pre-orders rwb-purist-performer rwb-kusa rwb-purist rwb-x-kusa rwb-mk

KYU kendama aprroved

19. 4. 2016

Trojka KYU kendama was approved by British kendama asociation.

trojka-kyu gradings tests 2016

Czech kendama open 2016

25. 2. 2016

Czech kendama open 2016 will take a place at Zlin on 26th June on Náměstí Míru (Peace square)

2016 comunity contest zlin

Winter kendama battle for Prague

24. 2. 2016


Joris 2016 Prague BJ contest action freestyle video

How I make Trojka handmade kens

13. 1. 2016

Me and Admiralos made a video to show how are Trojka handamade kens being made.

handmade ken trojka 2016

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