Morken 2016 results

27. 9. 2016

Aka Polish and Austrian invasion

MORKEN 2016 event

Summer battle for Prague results

23. 8. 2016

Kamil Panek came, saw and conquered Prague

summer Prague 2016 event

Czech kendama open 2015 results

25. 6. 2015

Once again it was the biggest Czech kendama open in the history of this event.

performance sweets 2015 video comunity Poland freestyle event Czech Kendama Open action zlin contest

The 2013 British Kendama Open

21. 5. 2013

The only really difficultly that has arisen from the weekend of the 27th and 28th of April, 2013 is deciding which was more fun, the meet and greet on Saturday or the BKO itself on Sunday.

freestyle event KendAlex Jumpshoe action contest bristol

K.E.N.D.A.M.A. GAME at the EJC 2012

2. 7. 2012 is offering you a unique chance to check your skills against the best kendama players in the world, show your tricks, earn some respect and of course win something. And yeah, it will be fun.

Poland Lublin EJC 2012 freestyle event

KendAlex Meets Kendama USA and co.

25. 11. 2011

One month ago, I was thinking about the Dama Fest in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I did talk a lot with my girlfriend about it, but it did not fit my wallet, so I decided not to go.

event KendAlex Dama fest trade review

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