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8. 11. 2016

We are starting new product reviews.

discount 2016 review

Trojka Kyu – Beginners only?

26. 7. 2016

Now, here’s an interesting thing. The Kyu was created to be anyone’s gateway into the world of kendama; a means of getting a player started. Indeed, I have seen it work.

kyu trojka-kyu 2016 trojka review trojka-fire

KROM Deluxe – It’s all in the name

3. 3. 2014

I have one question for anyone out there who is thinking of buying a Krom Deluxe: Just what on earth are you waiting for? These kendamas are OUTSTANDING!

KROM deluxe review krom-deluxe-kendama

Sakura Ozora – Pretty in pink

5. 11. 2012

Having recently watched Kill Bill again, my first thought upon seeing this particular kendama was “If O-Ren Ishii was into kendama, this would be hers,” for it is lethally pretty. I did have second and third thoughts, though.

Sakura Jumpshoe review ozora sakura-ozora

New TK-16 Master – Born Slippy

20. 8. 2012

A few months ago, Mirek told me he would have a new kind of kendama he wanted me to try out. When I saw it was a TK-16 I thought, “Eh? Nothing new about that.” Or is there?

comparison review tk16

Rokurosen – Neither here nor there

22. 4. 2012

Boy, this is a tough one to write about. It’s like we’re in kendama limbo here.

Rokurosen ShinFuji Shin-Fuji review

The Dragon Ozora – king of kings?

10. 4. 2012

My first sight of the Dragon Ozora reminded me of something that happened when I was a kid.

Dragon Jumpshoe review ozora

We recommend the best for you

23. 1. 2012

In kendama industry, it is extremely hard to know which side one’s bread is buttered on these days – each brand makes standard kendamas and also something extra. We have thus decided to show you the ropes and point out the really good pieces.

KendAlex Jumpshoe review comparison

KendAlex Meets Kendama USA and co.

25. 11. 2011

One month ago, I was thinking about the Dama Fest in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I did talk a lot with my girlfriend about it, but it did not fit my wallet, so I decided not to go.

event KendAlex Dama fest trade review

The click-liker’s guide to the Galaxy

19. 11. 2011

From the makers of the Ozora comes yet another variation: the Galaxy. So how does it compare? Let’s take a look.

Galaxy Metallic Jumpshoe review ozora

Maybe it’s just me, but…

6. 5. 2011

Connoisseurs might be thinking “Why review this? It’s just an Ozora.” In the normal course of things, I would agree: what a waste of time. But is it just me, or is the metallic blue different from the others?

Metallic Jumpshoe ozora review

Review of the Yumu kendama

10. 4. 2011

Initially, the Yumu appears to be a strange concept. Stripped down, it looks and feels very much like a regular kendama: three cups and a spike. But with a hole in each cup, you are given the ability to add one, two or three extra spikes.

Jumpshoe Yumu review

Shin-Fuji review

11. 4. 2009

So I tested entire day this new Shin-fuji and I have to say that it enchanted me.

Shin-Fuji ozora review David Svoboda ShinFuji

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