This is our Dream team.

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This man brought kendama into Czech, programmed shop, and it is in charge of all this. He is behind your order from beggining to end. They call him Guru, his named Mirek. He began with kendama in 2007 and has broad experience from OG Mugen (his second Kendama) to modern trends. Because he runs this shop he can he can try every kendmama he wants to try. Therefore he started doing kendama counseling. He is a member of the British Kendama Association. Owner 4 th dan Kendama skills. Regularly doing ref to Czech Kendama Cup.

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BJ is our Prague Boss. Event maker, video editor and also Performer. And of course PRO player.

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Vítek Ďurďa

Vitek is our first Czech PRO. He is currently studying in Prague and is helping with events.

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Circle Cirkus

Ales Hrdlicka and Filip Zahradnicky are two young jugglers. Juggling helped them with Kendama, so they put together Kendama, and juggling show, and now they do Kendama performances.

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Pavel Vavilin

is the programmer originally from Russia living in Italy. He is a master in Moshikame, his record is more than 3700 clicks. He is a great photographer and a good man.

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Mr. Jumpshoe

The first member of our team. His real name is unknown. He is a great Kendama reviewer and humble person. Although he had an injury, that affected his kendama play, he still play! He now has his 2nd Dan!

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Albert was the best candidate. After he clashed BJ at Czech kendama open Freestyle we lost all of our doubt. Albert has a Firestart role in our team. His goal is to ignite the public with kendama fire. After all he is closer to new player than we are.

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