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Cash on delivery to Romania, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria

21. 3. 2017

And new shipping options to Austria, France, Germany and Great Britain.

Whatever you buying some fresh new dama or looking for ultimate setup on Frankendama you can now order and pay when Courier arrives to your doors. Cash on delivery option is here. We implemented this option to our eshop quite deep. You will see the exact payment to pay right on order page and you also get it in your email. What you see there is what you pay (we might round it to integer). Exchange rate is updated each day according to actual exchange rate.

Cash on delivery
This is how it works

If you not live in these countries you might benefit this update as well. Before this update we had one universal shipping to all countries except Czechia and Slovakia. This update opens option to have different shipping options for each country. Austria, France, Germany and Great Britain received new shipping options with this update.

If you still like the old shipping option it's still there it is: International Registered Mail and Priority International Standard Parcel.

I hope you like our brand new update. If you experience any issue with this update please let me know.