Czech kendama open 2016

25. 2. 2016

Czech kendama open 2016 will take a place at Zlin on 26th June on Náměstí Míru (Peace square)

Taste of Czech kendama open 2015


25th June
from 1pm Kendama exams (Park Komenského) 
3pm Moshi park walk
4.15 Killer Burger game 
26th June
11am - 11pm Czech kendama open 2016 (Náměstí Míru, Zlín) 
11am - 4pm Main progam  11 - 12 Registration
12 - 14 First rounds
14 - 14:30 Quater final
14:30 - 15 Semi final
15 - 15:30 Final

16 Award ceremony 
4pm - 11pm Not specified after party (will be specified later, possible Candle sauce at Kovárna)

Saturday will start at 1pm with kendama gradings at the park in front of Bůrger. We will have two examiners one from BKA (Mirek) and one from JKA (Lionel). So you could choose if you want to have degree from JKA or BKA.

JKA degree is for free until you want it to be approved in Japan. Than you have to deal with JKA. Unfortunately BKA certificates are not recognized by JKA so if you have BKA degree you will have to start from scratch. You'll have to use JKA approved kendama. Lionel can do exams until 3rd DAN (including). But if this is your first exam you can go to 1st DAN only. There must be one month pause between each DAN degree.

BKA degrees are payed (KYU 75 CZK, PRE-DAN 150 CZK, DAN 300 CZK). You can make degree until 4th DAN (including). You can go from scratch to 4th DAN in one exam but if you already have DAN degree that there must be one month brake since previous examination. You'll have to use BKA approved kendama. More here

At 3pm we will start Moshi park walk. 
All players do moshi-kame trick while walk or run in park circuit. 
Minimal one moshi-kame is required each step.
If player fails moshi-kame is out of game.
Kendama limitations are following: max. big cup diameter 43 mm. base cup 37 mm. Most of regular sized kendamas meets this rule including JKA, BKA, HG, RWB, Trojka and Mussou kendamas.
Who walks farthest wins.
Limit for this competition is 1 hour.

After this competition we'll continue with highlight of this day. Killer game for burger.

Killer game rules:
Each player has two attempts for earth turn. Player with most earth turns starts (both attempts together). 
Starting player must successfully perform his trick twice. If he fails the player by his left hand starts with his turn. 
The rest of the players have one try to perform the trick. If they fail each get one letter and is out of this turn. 
If they succeed they battle starting player until he fails (each player one try).
If starting player fails he gets as many letters as is the number of players competing him. If other player fail he gets only one letter.
If player gets 6 letters (KILLER) is out of the game. Last player in the game wins. 
Kendama limitations are the same as Moshi park walk.

Registration fee for Czech Kendama open is 100 CZK.

Main star of this year Czech kendama open will be Sweets kendamas Legend Oase from Romania.

Begginers and advanced:

Players must complete all the tricks, in order, as fast as possible. If you miss a trick, keep trying until you get it before moving on to the next trick.

If in doubt, tricks must be performed as in the video below. Transitions between tricks may be done in any way, as long as they do not prevent the tricks being started and completed properly.

Begginers (speedtrick):

1. Big cup
2. Base cup
3. Airplane
4. Around prefecture 
5. Swing in

Any regular size kendama is permitted.

Advanced (speedtrick):

1. Candle swing-in 
2. Turntable (big cup -> turntable, direct transfer from #1 is allowed)
3. Reverse jumping stick (regular airplane -> reverse jumping stick)
4. Juggle to big cup 
5. 1-turn air plane
6. 1-turn light house -> falling 
7. Stuntplane

Any regular size kendama is permitted.


Players compete in pairs, in a knockout system. A random trick is drawn, and the players attempt it once each. If one player succeeds and the other fails, the successful player gets 1 point. If, after 3 attempts each, no player has scored a point, a new trick is drawn. The first player to 2 points proceeds to the next round.

In the final, the first to 5 points will be the winner.

For the early rounds, tricks are randomly selected from #1-10 on the list. For the Quarter Finals, from 6-15, for the Semi-Finals, from 11-20, and for the final, from 16-25. 


1. Around the World (sara grip)
2. Weak hand Earth turn 
3. Kenflip bird (3s) -> in
4. Around cosmos 
5. Stunt plain -> straight air
6. Downspike -> down earth
7. Bat (3s) -> aeroplane in
8. Reverse Jumping stick (reverse airplane -> reverse jumping stick) 
9. Lighthouse (3s) -> reverse falling
10. Swing in -> reverse whirlwind 
11. Moon circle -> bird (3s) -> in 
12. Juggle spike
13. Spacewalk UFO
14. Lunar tap spike (lunar (3s) -> tap with basecup ring -> spike) 
15. 1-turn airplane -> 1-turn airplane
16. 1-turn lighthouse -> insta lighthouse somersault (3s) -> falling
17. 1-turn Lunar (3s) -> lunar flip (3s) -> in
18. 2-turn UFO 
19. 2-turn moon circle
20. 3-turn spacewalk 
21. 3-turn airplane
22. Handlestall (3s) -> Spike
23. Super Flamingo -> lightouse (3s) -> trade spike
24. Around the bird (1s each Bird)
25. Around Czech (big cup -> big cup bird -> small cup bird -> small cup -> penguin -> spike) (1s each Bird)

Any regular size kendama is permitted.

How to get to Zlín:

Zlín is literally surround with airports you can land in Brno (96 km far), Ostrava (101 km far), Bratislava (163 km far), Vienna (235 Km far), Krakow (263 Km far) or Katowice (190 Km far). You can also land in Prague and join us for whole journey. Prague airport is 297 Km far away from Zlín but public transport here in Czech is cheap so you ge one way train ticket to Zlin for 11 EUR.

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