How I was balancing

29. 7. 2015

Or how a good idea turned into a bad one.

I was so stoked when we received our first HOMEGROWN batch in May of this year. They are the best kendamas Sweets ever made and one of the best in the world. Unfortunately, my happiness was spoiled by Thomas from Denmark, who has bought the ash HG from our shop. Thomas had a problem: his ash ken weighed 66g and the tama weight was 89g. That is 23g difference between ken and tama and that's not good. You can barely do any space walks with this kendama.  

So I've weighed all the HGs and reassembled them to get the difference between the ken and tama as small as possible. You don't want to have an unbalanced kendama when you pay such money for it. 

I came up with an idea that I could do just the right thing when I receive the order and I could make a feature of it. That was the day when Balanced kendama was born: a kendama where the weight difference between ken and tama is 5g or less.  And what I am not able to balance, I sell as spare parts, because you can't simply buy a spare HG ken or tama.  Plus, I don't have to just stick with HGs. I could balance Premium Ozoras and Street Ozoras as well. I can even mix brands. There is no place in the world where you can buy ash HG kens with a premium gold Ozora tama. That's rad.

So it will be a nice day when the new batch of HGs are here. My expectation is that half of the HGs will be balanced from fabrique and the rest I'll mix a little and it's done.  It wasn't that easy.  I laid kendamas on the floor and began. The more I weighed them, the more desperate I became.  I wasn't able to balance any HGs with the purple heart stripe (the most expensive HGs).  I managed to balance only one HG with a padauk stripe. I was happy with the walnut stripe; I balanced all of them. Maple was quite OK. Ash was true hell: they possessed the biggest difference between ken and tama. I searched the whole warehouse for tamas that I could pair with kens. So the score was 14 of 35 kendamas balanced.  That's only 40 %.  I had a thought that I could stop this thing and sell all the HGs as they came in, but I was already too far in and I wouldn't do that to you. 

35 weighted HOMEGROWNS

So we have in our shop 14 balanced, 14 light HG kens and 22 heavy tamas.  Some of those tamas need at least 80g kens, so nobody will buy them.  So how to deal with this tricky situation?  Mirek, you have a lathe.  You can turn kens and you have a super heavy pear wood plank from Micka's garden, so turn kens for those tamas and you can sell them for the same money as Terra Kendama did. And you pair those HG kens with Ozoras that will be in the shop soon.

Ash HOMEGROWN with gold Ozora tama is so nice.


So that is how the good idea turned into a bad one and back. 

Check all the balanced kendamas.


Author: Mirek

Tags: homegrown balance 2015

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