Introducing the all new F3

11. 8. 2015

Read what Sweets says about their brand new flag ship.


The all new F3 Kendama is our best yet. The F3 is the third iteration of our Focus line of Kendamas. The shape of the ken has been completely redesigned to enhance play for all skill levels. The new shape offers better balance for tama tricks like lunar, while the offset position of the string hole in the sarado makes 1-turn tricks more intuitive. Other improvements include more consistent spike length/sarado height and higher quality strings and beads. We have also removed the “Sweets” logo from the bottom of the ken, leaving only our “Cross Kens” logo for a more refined look.


The F3 Solid features our new F3 ken paired with 10 different factory-painted solid color tama options. Our factory paint formula has undergone some major improvements resulting in a glossy, but pleasantly tacky finish – ideal for tama balance tricks. We believe it has just the right slip/stick ratio, allowing for balance adjustments to be made while still holding steady.



The F3 Stain features our new F3 ken paired with 5 differentfactory-finished tama options. Our 4 stained and 1 “Natty” options are all finished with a clear coat, allowing the beautiful grain to show through. These tamas’ clear coat also offers a glossy, but agreeably tacky finish – with the most perfect mix of slip/stick, letting the player readjust balance while still keeping stability at the max.


The F3 Fade features our new F3 ken paired with 3 factory-painted tama options. Each tama has 3 colors that fade from one to the next vertically. The new factory paint has a glossy but pleasantly tacky finish ideal for tama balance tricks. We believe it has just the right slip/stick ratio, allowing for balance adjustments to be made while still holding steady.



The new aTack Combos are painted in-house with our aTack paint formula and strung up to stained versions of the all-new F3 ken for 6 colorful combinations. Our aTack paint has a matte finish, is perfectly tacky straight out of the box and only gets better with play.


The Marble is a Sweets Kendamas’ original and fan-favorite. We’ve paired these tamas up with our new F3 Ken and introduced a few new color combos to freshen things up a bit. Marbles are painted in-house by hand, so each one is unique. These tamas are finished off with our specially-formulated high-gloss Pro Clear which creates the best of both slip and stick for great play.



Just like the standard Marble, the Chameleon Marble tama is paired with our new F3 ken and is coated with our high-gloss Pro Clear. These marbles are upgraded with a shimmering “chameleon” effect that shines and reflects a spectrum of colors when hit with light.


Author: Mirek

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