K.E.N.D.A.M.A. GAME at the EJC 2012

2. 7. 2012

Kendama.cz is offering you a unique chance to check your skills against the best kendama players in the world, show your tricks, earn some respect and of course win something. And yeah, it will be fun.


We are organizing a K.E.N.D.A.M.A. game each day (from 30th to 4th) at the EJC 2012. No matter how old or how skilled you are, you can join us. All you need to have with you is a BKA approved kendama. The rules are as follows: you can only switch kendamas if yours is not useable anymore.  The youngest player starts the game by showing one trick to other players.  One attempt only.  If the player fails, the player to the immediate left shows his or her trick.  Again, one attempt only.  All the other players have three attempts to repeat the shown trick.  If any player fails, they receive a letter.  If any player receives all K.E.N.D.A.M.A. letters, they are out.  Each player has 5 attempts at the trick before they get the last letter.  On the first day, the winner of the prize is the last person in the game.  Because we don't want to give all the prizes to one player, the prize-winners in other games will be the longest lasting players that didn't win any prizes in previous games.  So the winner of the kendamas and the winner of games may vary.

Prizes are the following: yellow Ozora kendama, our custom granite with a green cap Ozora kendama, metallic green SunRise Performer kendama, silver SunRise kendama, UV pink kendama.  We choose the prize randomly before each game.

yellow Ozora kendama, our custom granite with a green cap Ozora kendama, metallic green SunRise Performer kendama, silver SunRise kendama, UV pink kendama
Game prizes

The game starts each day at 3pm. The place is not set yet, so you better watch the kendama crowd.  Wednesday's game starts after the European Kendama Open or alternatively it will be on Thursday.  We wish you good luck because that is what you need most.  

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Author: Mírek

Tags: Poland Lublin EJC 2012 freestyle event

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