King is coming. Canceled, king stays home.

11. 5. 2016

Winter's gone long time. King is coming now.



We've just started our pre-order on legendary Mugen Musou kendamas. Last year we had one Musou here as a sponsorship of Czech kednama open. This year we will have sponsorship from Gloken as well but this time we have a unique opportunity to become Mugen Musou seller. They are as good as expensive and that is the reason why most of them are available for pre-order only. This pre-order has three phases.  

Phase one, to 25th May. You can pre-order all Mugen Musou kendamas in this phase for a great price and get 50 % discount on shipping.

Phase two, from 25th May to  6th June (may be sooner). You can pre-preorder Blue hour and Magic hour Musou kendamas that we ordered from Gloken for 5 % higher price that on first phase, but you still get 50 % shipping discount.

Phase three. Regular order phase. You can buy what's left for same price as second phase, without shipping discount.

Watch some Musou kendama kendama edits to feel it's uniqueness.

Mugen Musou edit 2015

Musous on plane team Fuegz

Musous on plane team Wiens


Author: Mirek

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