KROM Deluxe – It’s all in the name

3. 3. 2014

I have one question for anyone out there who is thinking of buying a Krom Deluxe: Just what on earth are you waiting for? These kendamas are OUTSTANDING!

I recently took delivery of the one known as the Claw, so I am speaking with some authority here.  Trust me: the beauty here is more than skin deep.

KROM Claw kendama

Yes, they look absolutely stunning, but what else?  Well, what took me by surprise was the weight.  I was expecting the Claw to be very heavy, but in fact it is not.  It’s about the same as TK-16, if not a little lighter.  I don’t have a set of scales to hand, so you’ll have to forgive my lack of accuracy.  You may rest assured it will put no more strain on your ‘dama arm than will an Ozora or TK-16.  Both ken and tama are made from a singularly brilliant fusion of maple and walnut, which creates more than just an aesthetically pleasing end product.

KROM Deluxe kendamas

As you draw it from its box, you may feel a slight twinge of Dragon Ozora syndrome.  That is to say, you might think it is too gorgeous to play with.  While a Dragon can look a bit sorry after a while, I found there something about the Deluxe that just allows it to carry its weathering well.  It doesn’t look beaten up; it just looks well appreciated.  Play with it, that’s what it’s for.

In terms of play, I have found it to be one of the most accessible kendamas I have ever possessed.  For spacewalk and hand-roll tricks, well, it’s like the kendama just wants to do them for you.  It glides and spins with the greatest of ease.  All of your basics come just as easily, although I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners, as lighthouses on natural wood ‘damas tend to be a bit more challenging than on painted ones. 

Mr. Jumpshoe - single trick #2

I found lunars a bit harder on the Claw, but not totally beyond my reach.  I’m still to land a good lunar flip on it, but I know it can be done. I love this kendama so much that I’ve already featured it in one of my single trick videos.  No doubt it will put in further appearances.

There are a finite number of these in the world, my friends, so quite frankly I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Go Deluxe.


Author: Mr. Jumpshoe

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