Little kendama open

31. 12. 2008

It wasn't our intention to take this "Malý kendama open" too seriously. We didnt expect many people to come, there was no need to rent a room, where this event would take place, so we managed to make it hastily.

First place, where was a possibility to organise the event, was a passage in higher floor of culture center "flip". But better idea crossed my mind on my way to meeting (Saturday 13.12.2008 in front of "flip"), while looking on skyscraper of Zlin. Why the hell we don't organise it there? And you guess right, we did it!

Only 4 old, well-known faces showed themselves, so everyone expected Dave to win it, bud i definitely had a slight hope, that it could not happen that way. Dave this little hope made a bit larger telling me tale about his morning "hikoki crysis".

The order of competing was given randomly by drawing lots: Luba -> Me -> Max -> Dave. It was obvious, that Luba was only passer-by, going for christmas shops. Max was quite under pressure and spoiled many attempts. I was very surprised and excited, that I did Todai on first attempt, but that wass all. Dave had good luck as usual, and finished his serie with score of 25. So he came first and his prize was brand new red ozora kendama and cold admiration of passers-by.

We will slightly change the rules next time - this point system had several defects, at least won't next time happen a trick to be in list eight times, for sure. Next chance to measure forces will be BKA Official Kendama Championship 2009. :-))) We wish you better opponents for next time, Dave.

1. Hikoki / Air Plane
2. Nihon-ishu / Around Japan
3. Iai Tomeken / Faster than gravity
4. Todai / Lighthouse
5. Uguisu / Bird
6. Furi-ken / Swing in
7. 8x Ken-ishu / Around Prefecture in a row
8. Uchu-ishu / Around Cosmos
9. Chuzara -> 360 wind round -> Chuzara -> stab
10. Chikyu-Mawashi / Earth Turn

PlayerHikokiNIITTodaiUguisuFK8x KIUICh 360° ChChMTotal
David Svoboda1 point1 point2 points2 points2 points1 point8 points1 point4 points3 points25 points
Maxim Maximov1 point1 point1 point5 points7 points1 pointNN2 pointsN48 points
Mirek Šiřina2 points1 point5 points1 pointN2 pointsNNNN61 points
Luboš Smrža3 points2 points5 pointsNN3 pointsNNNN73 points
N = Did not manage to do the trick in 10 attempts

Dave's winning serie:


Author: Mírek

Tags: David Svoboda contest MKO

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