Pocket SunRise – A rocket in your pocket?

13. 2. 2013

The Pocket SunRise might run the risk of being branded a novelty kendama, but if so, is that really a bad thing?

I have mentioned in past reviews that such kendamas as the Yumu and Cheese make for an interesting diversion, but are scarcely a replacement for a good old TK-16 or SunRise. While the Pocket might be considered “novelty”, it is more closely related to old favourites than it is to our friends with additional holes or pegs. Why? Well, it is essentially a regular SunRise made miniature.

Sunrise kendama products
Pocket vs. regular vs. Performer 

The Pocket has as the hallmarks that make the SunRise great: a smart, sturdy paint job on the ball and a solid, well balanced ken. Because it is head and shoulders below its popular counterpart, the string is naturally shorter. So it’s definitely a looker, but how does it play?

Well, it really does play like a SunRise should, only smaller! Really, I can say that what you see is what you get. If you know your SunRises, then mentally shrink them and you’ll find you have to stretch your imagination no further. You do, however, have to be more precise with your tricks and treat the whole affair with kid gloves. No need to overdo it, though: this is still a tough little fella and can take whatever you throw at it. You just might find that your usual level of force is going to cause overbalance in some respects. Hand-rolls and spacewalks are still possible, but again you’ll have to do a bit of adapting.

Pocket SunRises
Pocket kendamas 

This is a kendama to take with you when just going out for a walk in the park. As its name might suggest, you can just grab it and slip it into your pocket. A perfect little playmate with SunRise’s high standard of craftsmanship. I say get one, if you can choose between the utterly fantastic colours, that is.


Author: Mr. Jumpshoe

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