Rokurosen – Neither here nor there

22. 4. 2012

Boy, this is a tough one to write about. It’s like we’re in kendama limbo here.

Those who’ve read my review of the Dragon Ozora will know my feelings on Ozoras in general (for those who haven’t: I worship them), but from the factory of Yamagata Koubou, that still leaves the TK-16 and more importantly at this time, the Shin Fuji.

Blue Rokurosen Kendama
Blue Rokurosen Kendama

The Rokurosen is a variation of the Shin Fuji, so followers of that particular ‘dama will want to know whether they should introduce it to their collection.  Honestly, that is a tough one to answer.  If you’re looking for not-quite-a-Shin-Fuji-or-Ozora, then go for it.  Personally, I feel the Rokurosen isn’t telling me something.  It just won’t reveal what type of kendama it is.  Oh, it plays fine; it won’t hold any nasty surprises for anyone, but somehow it made me feel like the police were going to descend upon me and haul me away for being non-committal in my kendama preference.

Let’s talk about, as I usually do, the paint job.  I’ve heard some people say they really like the rings design, but I think it gives the ball a 1980s look, and let’s not forget that the 80s gave us the mullet.  Think about that.  Moreover, the lacquer that holds the paint (and not very well) makes the ball quite slick.  Landing tama tricks is definitely a challenge, perhaps more than it really should be.  Although the lacquer does stop the paint from chipping, I’ve found that it’s not very long before scuff marks appear.

In all other aspects, the Rokurosen is fine.  It plays like a Shin Fuji, even if does feel a little perverse to use one instead.  If you like the look, try it out.  Just don’t let the cops catch you.

Blue Rokurosen Kendama
Red Rokurosen Kendama
Purple Rokurosen Kendama


Author: Mr. Jumpshoe

Tags: Rokurosen ShinFuji Shin-Fuji review

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