Shin-Fuji review

11. 4. 2009

So I tested entire day this new Shin-fuji and I have to say that it enchanted me.

My first impression was that it was quite light, but I also thought that so light wood would be too soft and won't be long lasting. But the truth is, that it's not true and I'm really glad about it, because when you take keen interest in kendama and you play with it every free moment,

it's quite demanding for it and ozora doesn't do well in these conditions. For instance, I managed to shorten the spike by 0,5cm in less than three weeks, which is quite significant. But as you can see in the video, the wood of shin-fuji resists well which I can confirm now, after three weeks of playing with it. The colour of the ball does well too. It is said in the video that todai trick is quite hard with shin-fuji, however, as soon as one only gets used to this kendama it's not that bad at all.

To sum up, this kendama is a masterpiece as time disproved all my worries (though I had only one) and proved all assets.


Author: Dejv

Tags: Shin-Fuji ozora review David Svoboda ShinFuji

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