The click-liker’s guide to the Galaxy

19. 11. 2011

From the makers of the Ozora comes yet another variation: the Galaxy. So how does it compare? Let’s take a look.

In my opinion, the Ozora is the finest of the JKA kendamas, a great all-rounder.  So when you’ve found your favourite kendama, all that remains is colour preference.  But does the paint affect the style of play or is it all in the mind?  Well, it almost certainly does affect the style of play.  Those of you that read my review of the metallic blue Ozora will already be aware of how certain tricks (lighthouse, lunar) are more challenging with the metallic paint finish than on, say, a pink or yellow Ozora.  The same can be said for the Galaxy.

Green Galaxy Ozora
Green Galaxy Ozora

Just like the metallic blue, you’ll be impressed with how the paint looks; it is a fine job.  I anticipate some people crying out for more colours.  But what’s that you say?  “Mr J, the paint on the metallic blue started to flake off within the first few minutes of play!  If that’s true of the Galaxy then I’m beating the crap out of you.”  Well, sit on your hands for a minute, fellow clickers.  The paint on the Galaxy is much more commensurate to that which people expect from an Ozora: it is strong, sturdy and dents instead of flaking.  Yes, you will find the paint behaves exactly the same as a regular Ozora, so don’t worry.

This kind of paint job means that the ball is a little slicker than your regular Ozora, so lighthouse and/or lunar tricks are, much like the metallic blue, more difficult.  But as you play and work the paint into the ball, it becomes somewhat easier.  I received a question from one player asking me about this and also asking if the stilts trick was made harder by the shininess of the ball.  My answer was no.  Stilts is a trick that relies less on the ball itself and more on the hole, and since the ball is made to the exacting standards of the Ozora, fans of such tricks will not be disappointed.

Orange Galaxy Ozora
Packed Orange Galaxy Ozora

The Galaxy is, in almost every respect, like any other Ozora.  It is fantastically well-balanced for suicides and bird/slip grip tricks alike.  I have no criticisms of it because as I said the paint is, unlike its metallic blue counterpart, very resilient.

The Galaxy is expanding, people.  Be a part of it.

Green Galaxy Ozora Kendama
Orange Galaxy Ozora Kendama


Author: Mr. Jumpshoe

Tags: Galaxy Metallic Jumpshoe review ozora

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